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KL Tower Tickets

The Kuala Lumpur Tower is a telecommunication and broadcasting antenna tower which stands at a height of 421m on top of a tropical rainforest in the midst of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It is a piece of technological marvel which stands 15 storey tall and is the world’s 7th tallest tower offering a surreal panoramic view of the city.

Beautiful views are a natural part of the KL Tower tickets that showcase the mesmerizing Kuala Lumpur skyline along with many other features that make it a must see spot for people who love appreciating a city from 360 view. It has a Sky Deck, Sky Box, Observatory Deck, Revolving Restaurant along with many other zones. It also hosts Islamic Falak Observatory to observe the crescent moon. It is one of the most iconic places in Malaysia to visit sunrises. It is best to go in the morning as it is less crowded and gives a clearer view of the skyline. The Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower stands for peace and unity by illuminating its facade in many colors.


Experiences at KL Tower

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Observation Deck

Climb up to this majestic open sweeping observation deck over the top view of Kuala Lumpur city. The view from the deck extends all the way to the South China Sea and Genting Highlands. Enjoy the fantastic moment of being on top of the world as the whole city shimmers under your gaze.

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KL Tower Tickets
Sky Deck

If the observation deck isn’t able to satisfy your thrill of heights then the KL Tower Tickets offers you the opportunity to go on Sky Deck. Standing at 300 meters (985 feets) off the ground giving you an unparalleled and unconstructed view. It beats the view from the Petronas Twin Towers with its uncluttered skyline and a soaring height of nearly 1000 feets.

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Sky Box

The Sky Box at KL tower offers you exactly what its name means. It’s a completely transparent enclosure extending off of the KL tower with glass floors and glass walls. You can book it through various sites to have a fantastic time and enjoy the view and peace without the usual hustle and bustle of the crowds. There are 2 such skyboxes that are offering different views from the city. The sky box is a smaller area whereas the sky deck is entirely open. Both of them offer the same thrill when it comes to the experience. It’s an experience you just cannot miss.

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Tower Facade Lighting

The KL tower features facade lights which come on for 1 hour during the night time and light up the night. The tower lights celebrate women’s day, Russia day etc. It is not just a tourist attraction but also a symbol of peace and support.

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Jelutong Tree

The Jelutong Tree is a 95 year old tree of the Dyera Costulata breed. At the time of construction of the KL tower the architects went through great pains to keep it unharmed and include it in the tower design. The tree itself is a remnant of the time the Kuala Lumpur city was starting to evolve into the bustling metropolis it is now. The tree now is a centerpiece of the KL Manera area and is an integral part of history.

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KL Tower Jump

For the adventure seeker, the KL tower is an amazing destination as it offers the Base Jump adventure sport. With its tall silhouette and no other building in the surrounding area, the KL tower is as good as it can get for the lovers of BASE jumping. It is also known as the world’s BASE jumping center since 1999. It hosts the world’s longest running BASE jumping competition and for the thrill seekers amongst you it is simply an opportunity you cannot miss.

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Other Attractions at KL Tower

The heights of the Menara KL Tower Tickets are as charming as the ground zones which are full of life. The Kl Tower Tickets offer to take one to a forest, an aquarium, a mini zoo and structural wonder. It is a collection of many soothing and exciting creatures present in a man-made natural habitat for their safe and happy abode. Let's get to know these amazing spots in brief to understand why they are likely to be paired with the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur at the center of it all.

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KL Tower Mini Zoo

Situated at the bottom of the tower is the KL Tower Mini Zoo. It is a habitat to many creatures of several varieties among the 60 species in the zoo, like the meerkats, bat-eared foxes, racoons, falabella - the world's smallest horse species and so much more of beautiful creatures. Explore the 8 different zones inside the mini zoo to get familiar with all the species and have an amazing day at the KL Tower to get the most fun out of the tour from your Menara KL Tower Tickets.

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Upside Down House

Experience one of the most unique places which will turn your world upside down, and quite literally so. This ordinary house is the most visited attraction in Kuala Lumpur because its roof is on the ground. Even its interiors are created to amuse the visitors with the furniture and amenities overturned. You will be head over heels with the amazing snaps you will get to click at the Upside down house. The house has all the facilities as any other home we live in, not even missing out on a children’s room, a toilet and an overturned car right at the top of the entrance.

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Blue Coral Aquarium.jpg
Blue Coral Aquarium

The Blue Coral Aquarium is very fascinating, as it has the coolest Aqua Tropical Rainforest Aquarium concept with thriving plants and cherry fish. The coral fishes of many different species such as blueface angelfish, parrot fish, anthias fish, clown fishes, orbiculate batfish, etc are all available for you to wander across and marvel at in the trip with your KL Tower Tickets. The amazing Blue Coral Aquarium also engages local Tropicana RainForest interior design in an innate way, indicating the Natural Design Concept. What’s better is having both forest and sea view environment in the same place!

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KL Forest Eco-Park

KL Forest Eco- Park is famous for its lush greenery which is preserved from 1906 by the government. This 9 hectares area has a herbal garden, canopy walk, timber product gallery, small hikes, and is famous for family picnic spots. This rainforest is in the heart of the city which refreshes your mind and is a home of numerous birds and small mammals. The place is not only for nature lovers but thriller seekers can also enjoy various natural trails like the Arboretum trail, Penarahan trail, Jelutong trail, etc.

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Know Before You Book KL Tower Tickets

Essential Information
Architecture & History
Dining at KL Tower

-Location: The Manera Kuala Lumpur Tower Tickets location is in the middle of the city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Address to Kuala Lumpur Tower – No. 2 Jalan Punchak Off, Jalan P Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

-Timings: Now the KL Tower Tickets can be used to visit the tower from 9 AM in the morning to 11 PM at night during the open hours.

-How to reach: The KL Tower is located in the city. You can choose any transportation to reach the tower from the ones here -

  • By train: The KL Tower is located near the Jalan Punchak junction. There are a few stations (The Dang Warli LRT Station, Bukit Nanas Monorail Station and the Masjid Jamek LRT Station) that can help you reach the tower in about 15-20 minutes from the station.
  • By car or a cab: It is easy as you can rent any cab as per your needs and proceed to the tower. There is also a parking area which makes it easy for the travelers to commute via renting a cab.
  • Go for the bus if a cheaper fare is what one is looking for. One of the available Buses 103, 851, 780 and PJ05 will take you to a certain point that is The Weld which is a shopping mall. From here, take a walk to the tower which is 600m from the mall.

- Best time to visit KL Tower: The tower is open to visitors on all days of the year, so you can visit it easily. There may be some zones that may need to be closed for weather reasons such as the sky deck or the sky box. The best time to visit the KL Tower during the day is between 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM or in the evening from 7 PM to 11 PM would be the best time to visit the place.

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Tips to Visit KL Tower

  • Since you have a lot of walking to do on the tower floor, it is better to wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

  • Make sure you see the weather forecast before you go for the Sky Deck because if the weather is not clear then Sky Deck will be closed temporarily, waiting for the weather to clear. At that time you may be sent to the observation deck to wait there.

  • The entry will be given to each after the identity proof has been viewed as it is mandatory for entry into the tower premises.

  • Any kids below the age of four years old can enter without any charge or fee.

  • You must be in good health to go on the KL Tower tour.

  • Participants are required to sign indemnity forms for public liability insurance purposes.

  • In the tour keep your phones, ids, etc in a safe bag to have free time to explore the architecture.

FAQs for KL Tower

What are the places to visit near KL Tower?

  • KL Mini zoo- a habitat to many creatures of several varieties among the 60 species in the zoo, like the meerkats, bat-eared foxes, racoons, falabella - the world's smallest horse species and so much more in the zoo to explore.

  • Upside down house- Step into a house that is made upside down for the tourists to come in and have a look at the various points in the house that are sure to amaze the traveler on the trip.

  • Blue coral aquarium- Blue coral aquarium is a place that houses many varieties of fish for you to explore. It is a fun place to explore on a family trip.

  • Kl forest eco-park- Escape into the arms of nature to take a long walk or to jog, trek, camp, hike and relax in a serene forest located at the bottom of the KL Tower.

What is special about KL Tower?

It is the world’s 7th tallest telecommunication building standing at a height of 421 meters with a revolving restaurant and many other attractions. Tower also tells about the culture of the city by illuminating in many colors on occasions or special cultural holidays.

What is the best way to book KL TowerTickets?

Online Booking of tickets for Manera Kuala Lumpur is the best way to book the tickets because it would allow the visitors to enjoy numerous advantages like online transactions, mobile tickets, advance bookings, amazing offers & deals, etc.

What is the shape of the KL Tower?

It is one well mix of the combination of Eastern architecture with Western technology. It has a tower head that is shaped as domes representing the eastern architect. The technology for which it is made represents the rise in tech for the city.

How many floors are there in the KL Tower?

In total KL tower has 15 floors. There are 6 floors in the tower that tourists can explore. The first four floors are for telecommunication and broadcasting. The other floors are for the tour like Observation Deck is located on TH01, the Revolving Restaurant is located on TH02, and the Mega View Banquet is located on TH03, etc.

What is the KL Tower tickets price?

The KL Tower tickets costs around MYR 26 for people above 12 years of age and for children between the age of 4-12 are charged child price for Manera Kuala lumpur tickets & it is free of cost for children below 4 years of age.

Are KL Tower tickets available for rescheduling?

No KL tower tickets are fixed day tickets. Hence it won't be carried forward to next or any other day.

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